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Conduct Virtual Interviews For Both Technical And Non-Technical Roles


Eliminate Inefficiencies With Our Next-Gen Video Interview Tools

Structured Interviews

Structure interviews around a set of weighted competencies mapped to the job role.

Data-Backed Hiring Decisions

Make consistent hiring decisions based on competency-driven scores.

Faster Hiring & Flexible Scheduling

Improve the time-to-hire metric with on-the-go screening.

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Conduct a Structured Interview In Just Four Easy Steps

Define Key Competencies for Job Role

The hiring manager can define the competencies required for a job role. You may also choose to do this in consultation with Mettls domain experts.

Choose from Library of Guiding Questions

Mettl’s vast library of sample questions helps Hiring Managers frame the right questions to evaluate for a specific competency.

Score Applicants on Defined Competencies

Rating applicants in a standardized manner gives an understanding of what’s going on in the hiring manager’s mind while selecting/rejecting applicants.

Make a Data-Driven Decision

Easily access an applicant’s data from multiple interviews and screening modes, all-in-one dashboard, for better hiring decisions.

Comprehensive Virtual Interviews Suited to Your Team and Role


Too Many Applicants to Interview, Busy Schedule?

Applicants record video responses for a pre-defined set of interview questions. Hiring managers can review and grade these recordings as per their convenience.

  • Save Time
  • Anytime, Anywhere Asynchronous Interviews
  • Competency-Based Questions
  • Reach Out to a Larger Pool of Applicants

Conduct Interviews Remotely, Simulate Real-Life Business & Coding Challenges

Scale hiring and remove geographical boundaries in the recruitment process. Mettl’s user-friendly and easy-to-use interface helps predict on-the-job performance using collaborative tools.

  • Simulate Real-Life Challenges
  • Assess Business Acumen with Workflow Creator
  • Live Coding Simulators
  • 20+ Coding Languages Supported

What Makes Mercer | Mettl’s Video Interview Software Stand Out

Rich Question Bank

Competency-based questions that provide guidance to ask the right questions.

Calendar Integration & Custom Emails

Sync Interviews with your calendar and customize email templates before sending it to applicants.


Participate in interviews anywhere, anytime using any digital device.

Anti-Cheating Measures

Red flags for suspicious activities during the interview to ensure applicants don’t cheat.

Auditable Individual & Group Reports

Ratings and comments for all applicants consolidated into one comprehensive dashboard.

Smooth Applicant Experience

The easy-to-use and navigable interface gives applicants a hassle-free interview experience.

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