Online Assessment Software - Effectively Measure Talent with Mercer | Mettl Assessment Tool

Powerful, Cloud-based Online Assessment Platform

A one-stop platform for all your assessments needs

An All-In-One Virtual Assessment System for All Your Talent Assessment Requirements


Before Assessments

Use our end-to-end process to evaluate candidates

  • Versatile Assessment Platform

    Platform That Measures On-the-job Skills, Personality and Behavior

  • Easy Assessment Creation

    Create tests quickly, using our 100,000+ pre-built questions or get them easily customized

  • Automated Scheduling & Invites

    Bifurcate assessments into multiple timeslots and send bulk invites to candidates

  • New-age Assessment Tools

    New-age tools such as coding simulators, case study simulators, etc. to create dynamic assessments


During Assessments

Conduct assessments seamlessly on our robust platform

  • 100% Cheating Prevention

    Best-in-class AI-powered and human-assisted proctoring technology

  • Features to Aid Test-takers

    Features such as continuous scientific calculators, attempt analysis, and many more ensure a hassle-free experience

  • An Amazing Test-Taker Experience

    A modern, dynamic and easy-to-use system

  • A Mobile-Friendly Interface

    The ability to take assessments on mobile devices


After Assessments

The perfect platform to assess candidates on every required level

  • State-of-the-art Reports

    Feature-rich, easy to consume, highly insightful reports

  • Automated Certifications

    Provide credible and automated certificates to your candidates

  • Useful Test Analytics

    Gather insights on candidates' strengths and weaknesses on various levels

Assessment Tools

  • Build Assessments Quickly Using Our


    Ready-made Questions


    Skills covered



  • Or Get Assessments Customized According to Your Unique Requirements

An Integrated New-age Assessment Platform to Create Dynamic Assessments


Coding Simulators

Advanced coding simulators to hire and develop the best coders


Case Study Simulators

Exciting simulations of case studies and business cases


Various Question Formats

We support various question formats - MCQs, Diagrams, Case Studies, Simulations, etc.

AI Proctoring

Don't Worry About Cheating! Conduct Secure Assessments Using AI-Powered Proctoring Technology

The AI-based technology raises flags in various instances of suspicious activities


Auto proctoring is an AI-based automated proctoring technology that uses students' webcams and microphone feed to auto-invigilate.


Video Proctoring

Checking students' video feed to raise flags in case of any suspicious activity.


Audio Proctoring

Checking students' audio feed to raise flags in case of additional human voices in the vicinity.


Image Proctoring

Checking students' pictures taken at regular intervals.

The live recording technology raises flags in various instances of suspicious activities

Mettl ProctorPlus- Mettl's Remote proctoring system

Live proctoring is proctoring through expert human proctors in high-stake exams. Mercer | Mettl is proud to have the largest team of trained proctors. We provide the following services:


One-to-many Proctoring

One trained proctor invigilates multiple students simultaneously. The proctor-to-student ratio can be 1:16, 1:32, etc.


One-on-one Proctoring

One trained proctor invigilates one student at a time.

*   The proctors can be from Mercer | Mettl's team or from the educational institution. Proctors and students also have the facility to initiate two-way communication.

You have the option to raise flags later in various instances of suspicious activities

Mettl ProctorPlus- Mettl's Remote proctoring system

Record-and-review proctoring is well suited for low-stakes exams. Here, proctors review the recorded video feed of students while reviewing the AI bot-generated flags.

Test-taker Experience

Exceptional Test-taker Experience Achieved Through Our Assessment Tool's Modern Features

Completely Hassle-Free

  • No software download required
  • Auto-saving options
  • Easy resumption of test in case of interruptions
  • 24*7 support, available on-screen

Aids Test-Takers' Performance

  • Easy navigation and a sleek user experience
  • Quick performance and no time lag
  • On-screen mobile-friendly scientific calculator
  • Summary of attempts analysis and immediate visibility of attempts

Reporting and Insights

We Provide Insightful and State-of-the-art Reports to Empower Quick Decision-Making


Our Platform Is Designed to Handle Massive Scale

We Achieved the Feat of Conducting 200,000 Proctored Assessments in A Day!

The assessments were conducted globally in various languages in a fully secure environment, using our proctoring solutions.

Data Security

Rest Assured! We Safeguard Your Data as Much as You Do


Mercer | Mettl is GDPR Compliant


We are ISO 27001 Certified and ISO9001 Certified


Localized data hosting for European servers


Secure data hosting on Amazon Web Services


We follow an Annual Vulnerability and Penetration Testing









Selected by Gartner as Leader in Remote Proctored Examinations

Software Suggest Rated Us Outstanding On Our Remote Proctoring and Online Exam Tools


We Provide Quick and Seamless Integration of Our Assessment Platform with Major LMSs and HRMs

Integrate within minutes to LMSs like Moodle and Blackboard or HRMSs like Greenhouse and Freshworks

A Customizable and Modern Assessment System for Evolving Assessment Needs

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Ready for the World

Assessments can be designed and conducted in 26+ languages across 80+ countries


Customizable And Agile Online Assessment Platform

The platform is easy to customize, according to the requirements of white labeling, branding, section setting, themes, etc.


Built for All

Our inclusive assessment system works on internet bandwidth as low as 256 kbps

SPEAK to our experts

Our Pedigree Speaks for Itself

We Have Years of Experience Conducting Large-scale Initiatives

  • Mercer | Mettl's platform and the science behind it are highly intuitive and systematic for the test-takers. Customized assessments, how data is aggregated, and how you can download insightful reports directly from the system - stood out for us from a process standpoint.

    Saranya Mukherjee

    Lead, Early Career Development Campus & Employer Branding

  • We needed a robust technology partner to ensure that students connected virtually as one team. And we found Mercer | Mettl. It was also integral to our digital engagement strategy and solved students' queries across the APAC region. We used its platform to evaluate all the students at multiple levels. Mercer | Mettl has consistently raised the bar in offering customized solutions. We are delighted with the grand finale.

    Dinu Nanjapa

    Head of Student Programs, APAC Amazon

  • Mercer | Mettl came across as one of the most robust platforms for AI-based proctoring. The team was accommodative, flexible and prompt. Mercer | Mettl's team never gave 'no' as an answer. The team was always upfront about the specifications and customizations we requested. We all highly commend and appreciate its professionalism and transparency.

    Sanjeev Phatak

    Director, Centre For Management Services, AIMA

  • Seventy-five percent of the candidates we hired for sales with Mercer | Mettl assessments were precisely the kind of people we sought, which further built trust, credibility and validation for Mercer | Mettl's assessments.

    Sonam Kapur Sinha

    Head HR, Modern Foods


Why Mercer I Mettl is the Best Bet for Your Organization

Holistic Evaluations

Better talent measurement based on behavioral, cognitive and technical abilities

Customized Clients' Requirements

Tailored submissions matching organizational objectives

Scalable Solutions

A robust platform to assist exceptional organizational growth

Quick Process

A ready-to-use library of questions for all job roles to boost your process

Impeccable Support

A support system that won't let you down

Remote Proctoring Technology

An AI-based proctoring tool for convenient and safe assessments