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Identify Gaps in Perception Across Peers, Managers, and Self

The competency summary & spider chart can help understand differences in how one is perceived by the people they work with; this can be one of the biggest catalysts for improvement.

Empower Employees With Actionable Insights from their Ratings

Hidden Strength

We can often perceive a strength to be our weakness and vice versa. Here are the areas where others ratings are higher than the individuals self-rating. These might be strengths the feedback seeker did not realise they had.

Blind Spots

Here are the areas where others ratings are lower than the individuals self-rating. These might be areas of improvement that the feedback seeker does not realise need work.

Areas of Improvement

Behavioral indicators that the individual has the potential for further improvement in. Competencies that have ratings below a certain threshold are here.


Behavioral indicators that the individual is performing in. Competencies that have ratings above a certain threshold are here.

Get an In-Depth Look at All Survey Questions and Responses

Open-Ended Feedback

Comments given by each reviewer on open-ended questions are listed here anonymously, precisely as the respondent entered them. This is a great place to understand how people around the individual perceive them and fetch some constructive feedback.

Detailed Competency Ratings

Gives a complete report of scores from the 360-degree feedback for each competency, shown reviewer group wise.

Personalised Development Plan

Users can easily analyse and extract insights from the report to chart developmental journeys which will help improve the skill and cohesion of the entire team.

Powerful Customisations at Your Fingertips

Customise our reports according to organisational or team requirements through a simple interface.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

  • Customer Delight summarizes our exceptional experience with Mercer | Mettl. The tools mobile-friendliness, easy-to-consume reports, clarity with which the survey questions were designed, and the readiness to say YES to customizations make 360View so great!


    Dapinder Singh

    Senior Manager HR at Max Life Insurance

  • This is the first time we undertook a 360 survey for a bigger group that helped our leaders get a comprehensive overview of their strengths and areas of improvement. The open-ended questions were designed in a way that feedback seekers got insights into things they needed to continue doing, things they needed to change, and what they needed to start that would add value to their development. Mercer | Mettl's team was extremely accommodating and had several conversations with us to understand our requirements. We had an outstanding experience.


    Kumudini Welmillage

    Director- Corporate HR, CBL Group