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We Offer Blended and Online Solutions, Customized To Your Requirements Of Scale and Role

Blended Assessment & Development Center

A mix of virtual and human talent management assessment center to accurately deliver on organizational needs

Virtual Assessment & Development Center

A fully online, location-agnostic tool to quickly and accurately assess your employees

Traditional AC



    Ease of Management


    Best suited for

    Not Scalable

    Extreme Logistical Hassle

    Time Consuming

    Very Costly

    Senior Leadership

Blended AC



    Ease of Management


    Best suited for

    Partially Scalable

    Limited Logistical Hassle

    Less time than Traditional AC

    Medium Cost

    Leadership, Senior and Mid-Management

Virtual AC



    Ease of Management


    Best suited for

    Fully Scalable

    Zero Logistical Hassle

    Least Time

    Least Expensive

    Mid-Management, Junior Management, IC Roles

Mercer | Virtual Assessment and Development Centers (VADCs)

Assessment and Development centers are professional exercises designed to assess an individual's skills, fitment and developmental needs in an organisation. Virtual ADCs automate these physical exercises by using digital tools and means to conduct Assessment and Development centers - for reasons such as high-potential identification, employee development and training needs analysis.

Virtual & Blended Assessment Centres Help You To Identify Future Leaders

Flexible Assessment and Development Center Offerings That Meet Your Needs

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Our Virtual Assessment & Development Center Cater to All Your Business Needs

Our Process Flow



  • Job description study
  • Focused group discussions
  • Visionary interviews


Creation &

  • Personality Tools
  • Behaviour Tools
  • Cognitive Tools
  • Domain MCQs
  • Simulators


Administration & Management

  • Choose from our question bank
  • Create new Questions
  • Select Qs difficulty level


Offline Activities
(In Case of blended)

  • Section order & timing
  • Registration fields
  • Anti-cheating controls


Report Generation & Customization

  • Recommendation logic
  • Global or Org Benchmarks
  • Strengths & weakness
  • Interview guides/IDPs

Illustrative Tool - Competency Matrix (Virtual ADC)


Mercer | Mettl Tools


Mettl Personality Profiler, Inbox

Effective Team Leadership

Mettl Personality Profiler, Situational Judgement

Building People Capability

Mettl Personality Profiler, Situational Judgement

Strategic Vision

Mettl Personality Profiler, Mettl Test of Cognitive Abilities, Case Study

Driving Change

Mettl Personality Profiler, Mettl Test of Cognitive Abilities, Inbox

Analytical Problem Solving

Mettl Personality Profiler, Mettl Test of Cognitive Abilities, Case Study

Why Do You Need Virtual Assessment Centers?

Why Mercer | Mettl Is The Best Fit For Your HR Assessment & Development Center Requirements

Insightful Individual Development Plans

Build development plans that exhibit employees’ strengths and weaknesses

Real-time, Auto-generated Results

Question and Section-wise reports for efficient decision-making

Expert Consultation

We help you set-up and guide you throughout the process

Our Customers Vouch For The Efficacy Of Our Product

  • The ease of navigating the platform, the simplicity of the assessment reports, the ability to adapt to the COVID-19 situation -all of these helped us reduce bad hires, ensure successful probations and onboard individuals with the right set of competencies. I had a 5-star experience!


    Anson Mathews

    Organization Development Manager, Averda

  • The validity of Mercer | Mettl's assessments is exceptionally robust. It enabled us to funnel people who were precisely the type we needed. Mercer | Mettl helped us to accurately identify high-potential candidates within our internal team.

    Sonal Kapur Sinha


  • We had short timelines in which we had to scale up our workforce. From customized solutions, ease of usability, building an in-depth understanding of the client’s problem to seamless integration with our applicant tracking system, Mercer | Mettl’s assessments ticked all the checkboxes in our wishlist and delivered within our timelines. There is no better validation than what we have witnessed - our attrition has reduced by 50%.


    Arpan Anand

    CHRO, Aditya Infotech Limited (CP PLUS)


We Have Years of Experience In Assessment Center for Hiring, Testing, And Reskilling For Major Clients

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)


What is an assessment center?

An assessment center is a human resource management tool to holistically assess an individual's competencies with the help of various exercises, such as case study simulators, presentations, personality tools, role plays, etc. Assessment centers are used to assess candidates at scale in a hiring drive, or current employees for critical organizational decisions.


What is a development centre?

A development center is used for organizational planning initiatives, such as identifying training needs, high potential employees, future leaders, etc. While an assessment center is often used during hiring and selection, a development center is used to find and cultivate development opportunities for better organizational decisions.


How does a virtual assessment center work?

Virtual assessment centers work as a simulation of real-life workplace situations designed to evaluate participants' skills and behaviors in a controlled environment through a combination of digital tools, to make crucial decisions about hiring, developing and identifying organizational talent.


What are the tools used in virtual assessment center?

Some of the tools used in virtual assessment center are:

  1. Situational judgment tests to assess a person's judgment to hypothetical and challenging situational questions.

  2. Role plays that immerse candidates into likely situations to assess work-related competencies.

  3. Case study simulations present a business problem and ask candidates to find a plausible solution based on given insights.

  4. Inbox prioritization to assess how an employee tackles the workload of a typical day.

  5. Battery of assessments to gauge personality, behavior, and aptitude.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of an assessment center?

The advantages of assessment centers are that they

  1. Are accurate predictors of job performance.

  2. Offer realistic preview into the job role and organizational setting.

  3. Come with high validity because they are based on real-life work settings.

  4. Reduce attrition because the candidate and employer both know what lies ahead.

The disadvantages of assessment centers are that they

  1. Are more time-consuming to designs and execute because of their requirement to closely emulate actual work and role challenges.

  2. May also incur a slightly greater cost despite guaranteeing a higher ROI.


What are the uses of an assessment center?

Assessment centers are used to predict performance, diagnose skill gaps, and groom employees. Assessment centers are specifically used by organizations to evaluate their prospective or current workforce for various workforce planning and management initiatives, such as

  1. Recruitment,

  2. Training needs identification,

  3. High-potential identification, and

  4. Succession planning.


What is the assessment center method?

Before the assessment and development centre, competencies are identified and mapped to various assessment tools. During an assessment and development centre, participants undergo various tests and exercises. After the assessment and development centre, a comprehensive report is generated to make recommendations about fitment of the participant.