Create a Future-Ready Plan for Reskilling the Workforce

Create a Future-Ready Plan for Reskilling the Workforce

Gain A Comprehensive Insight Into Your Organizations Skilling Needs Before Making Critical Decisions


Analyse Skills Gap in Your Workforce

Identify What to Train

Understand your organizations skilling requirements

Identify Who to Train

Spot Agile Learners to train on specific skills sets

Measure Training Effectiveness

Improve your people and business outcomes

Training needs identification

Training needs identification, also known as training needs analysis, is the structured process of understanding your organization's and employees' training requirements.

Identifying training needs involves methodically recognizing your organizational workforce's training and development needs to design a training program that meets business needs and provides excellent returns.

Undertake Competency Gap Analysis To:


Build targeted re-skilling plans for each employee


Invest in the right skills for present and future

Get enhanced returns on your training

Identify What to Train

Create customized competency frameworks with the right skills-sets

Identify Who to Train

Use skills-gap analysis to create a targeted plan for the right set of people

Learning Agility

Identify agile employees who can learn quickly and effectively

Proximity Index

Identify employees closest to the required skills-set

Career Aspirations

Identify employees with similar aspirations

Focus on the right set of people

To become future ready

Future required skills

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Measure the Effectiveness of Training

Use our pre and post-training assessments to measure the ROI

Use training certificates to improve candidates’ engagement

Develop your employees using our targeted development plans

Individual Development Plan

With inputs on the strengths and areas of improvement

Organizational Development Plan

To improve the business and performance outcomes

A Suite of Tools Customized to Build Effective Skilling Programs

Assess All Major Coding Skills Through Our Technical Questions And Simulators

Explore Coding Skills Tests

How We Enabled a Tech-Giant to Reskill Their 100,000+ Workforce


One of the top fortune 500 Technology consulting major was facing challenges while reskilling its existing workforce of more than 1,00,000 employees


Increased organizational productivity by creating a scientifically validated reskilling plan for the entire organization

Business Impact

1,00,000+ employees

reskilled using Mercer | Mettl Training Needs Analysis methods

Why Mercer | Mettl Is the Best Choice for Your Reskilling Requirements

Holistic Evaluations

Better Talent measurement based on Behavior, Cognition and Technical Skills

Customized for Each Job Role and Industry

Tailored Solutions mapped with role requirements across all job levels

Scalable to Match Your Skilling Needs

Robust platform to assist exceptional Organizational Growth

Fast Processes

Ready-to-use library of assessments to quick start your process

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