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A Ready to Use Handbook for Implementing Technical Competency Frameworks in Organizations Along with Interview Questions


Technical hiring remains at the core of every business venture since technical expertise is what holds the basic organizational framework together. Which is why recruiters and hiring managers are always looking for niche talent who would adhere to the company’s work culture and align with the vision to give quality output.

The three vital aspects that lay a strong foundation of a stellar hiring spree are- Competency Frameworks, Technical Screening Questions, and Telephonic Interview Questions. To strike a balance between the three and based on our experience of working with 2,000+ clients, we have compiled a ready to use technical competency framework handbook covering eight popular job families. This would in turn benefit organizations in making the right technical hires.

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Mettl Competency Library

Competencies refer to job-relevant behavior, motivation and technical knowledge required to be successful on-the-job. Aligning HR processes to competencies helps evaluate performance, set clear job expectations and growth plans.

Mettl has created competency libraries across, Behavioral, Cognitive, Domain and Technology based competencies.


90% of Fortune 500 companies use Java as a server-side language for back-end development. It is in demand in the finance sector specially in E-commerce websites. Future scope of Java programmers in India is great since Java emerges as the most widely used programming language worldwide. With government’s Digital India initiative and demonetization reform, demand for java programmers has shot , since organizations are increasingly planning to go digital.

Technical Competency Framework & Career Growth in JAVA


Develop user interface, design in compliance with specifications, analyze business requirement and integrate applications by designing database architecture.


Gather system and user requirement, test features before release, prioritize, assign and execute tasks. Supervise junior developers, deploy and maintain high quality applications.


Collaborate with development team, deliver impeccable software solutions and take full ownership of the product. Encourage and lead team innovation, prepare training module for juniors and client interaction to deliver high quality results.

C# is a modern, general purpose, object-oriented programming language designed around the Common Language Infrastructure. A great C# developer is capable of handling many aspects of developing an application, including but not limited to performance, scalability, security, testing, and more.

Technical Competency Framework & Career Growth in C#


Responsible for providing development, enhancement, troubleshooting, debugging and maintenance for software applications.


Design, code, test, debug and document software project plans as per the requirement. deliver client specific work. Involvement in all aspects of project life cycle along with giving technical and management expertise.


Plan, execute and lead a project from start to end as per respective business standard, methodologies and controls. Develop overall technical strategies for external client projects.

Python is a multipurpose language used for various tasks, such as web development and data science which is why it has become the fastest growing programming language. As per Analytics and Data Science Jobs Study, Python witnessed the biggest jump in 2018, replacing R as the most in-demand analytics tool. Even though the demand is high, the supply is comparatively inadequate. A survey also revealed that 43% developers wish to learn Python next to keep in pace with the tech trend.

Technical Competency Framework & Career Growth in Python


Assist senior developers in writing effective scalable codes, developing back-end components. Provide support to front-end developers by integrating.


Build efficient server-side applications, check code of other developers and guide juniors. Implement software enhancement and suggest improvements.


Create architecture, innovate technology and collaborate with others. Expert programmer with excellent management skill, takes full responsibility for quality of code & newly developed test cases.

PHP gained popularity since Mark Zuckerberg came up with Facebook. Furthermore, with organizations adopting digital platforms for promoting their business, PHP has remained in trend since it provides dynamic web solutions. A recent survey revealed that PHP is used by 84% of the majority of web servers. Though PHP lost 5.1% market share in the last five years, it still remains one of the most popular languages that IT outsourcing companies prefer to build dynamic websites.

Technical Competency Framework & Career Growth in PHP


Assist senior developer in developing minor/major application feature and feature specifications, coding, testing and troubleshooting


Write clean and high-quality codes, produce detailed specifications and deploy new features. Collaborate with UX team, troubleshoot and maintain web services.


Build efficient and reusable modules, integrate user-facing elements, solve architectural challenges and proficient in code version tools. Help team with technical issues and coordinate with client for smooth implementation.

During the Union Budget 2018 session, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley listed government’s investment in research, training and skill development in robotics, Artificial Intelligence, digital manufacturing and more ($480M allotted to Digital India initiatives). Having said this, Data Science emerges as a new age skill as also suggested by Mettl’s Campus Salary & Employment Report 2018.

Technical Competency Framework & Career Growth in Data Science


Collects and analyzes huge volume of data be it sales related, market research, logistics, or transportation costs to make better business decisions by producing comprehensible outcomes.


Create insights from mismatched information and disconnected patterns, structure and mine data, make relevant assumptions and deliver business impact through the available data.


Develop and test infrastructures of data generation, analyze and manipulate data in analytical databases. Work with different teams to understand and implement database requirements and analyzer performance.

Organizations are increasingly adopting DevOps on a large scale since majority of businesses are moving towards it. According to a Capgemini report, 60% of companies adopted DevOps in 2017 or plan to do so in 2018. The staggering figure shows the significance of DevOps being a critical part of a business strategy since every organization aims at adhering to demands, internal improvements and regular updating of software or other solutions. Which is why there is a nationwide demand for DevOps experts.

Career Growth in DevOps


Manage and automate processes, support customer environments and consult customers on technical aspects. Provides continuous integration and delivery.


Implement and manage continuous delivery systems, automate security controls and compliance validation. Define and deploy monitoring, metrics and logging systems.

With the increase in complexity of software applications and maintenance needs in short periods of time, the use of automation testing has become significant. As per Automation Testing Market by Technology Report, the automation testing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.7% between 2017 and 2023 globally. The factors that have given an impetus to this growth are increase in mobile devices, technology, digital revolution in testing and DevOps methodology.

Career Growth in Automation Testing


Test modifications, convert requirements to test plans, review and analyze system specifications. Execute test script, report and document technical glitches.


Help testers in solving scripting issues, collaborate with business development team, analyze product capability and prepare performance strategy. Review test scripts, workload model and execution results.

Web development acts as the bedrock of an organization’s internet marketing strategy. With a surge in retail and travel industries, companies wish to keep in line with current technological trends. According to a report, web development will continue to grow at a CAGR of 24% through 2024. GoDaddy’s study terms the present as ‘Golden Age of Web Development’. The future is promising owing to technological updates and emphasis on creating user-friendly interfaces. Since there is no slowing down, the time may just be ripe for the Indian web development companies to venture in the global market.

Technical Competency Framework & Career Growth in Web Development


Write clear and well-structured code, implement visual and interactive elements, code signed off designs into web page templates and regularly administer website.


Leads production, modification and maintenance of websites and other web user interfaces. Create innovative solutions, oversee work of junior developers and address critical situations.


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