Digital Pre-employment Assessments To Measure Critical Traits And Skills

Our Comprehensive Pre-Employment Assessments Come Equipped With Best-In-Class Proctoring Technology


Talent Is a Combination of Core Traits and Acquired Skills

Assessing Both Is The Backbone Of A Comprehensive Pre-employment Assessment Strategy

Core Traits

Personality Traits

Characteristic patterns of thoughts, behaviors, cognition and emotions specific to each individual

Behavioral Tendencies

Task-Related Behaviors Critical for a Successful Performance at the Workplace

Cognitive Ability

Reasoning And Problem-solving Skills Required For A Candidate To Perform The Job

Acquired Skills

Domain Skills

Specific Role-based Knowledge And Technical Competence

Coding Skills

Right Coding Knowledge And The Ability To Solve Problems Through Code

Communication Skills

The Ability To Convey One’s Thoughts Meaningfully In The Language Used

Mercer | Mettl Pre-employment Assessments

Mercer | Mettl offers holistic pre-employment tools to scientifically measure core traits as well as acquired skills of candidates. Our suite of tools consists of personality assessments, behavioral assessments, cognitive assessments, technical assessments, coding assessments and communication skills assessments.

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Mercer | Mettl recognized as a Global Leader in Assessment Technology by G2

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The Best Virtual Pre-Employment Assessment Platform That Measures Skills, Personality and Ability

With Our Robust Platform Conduct Easy & Secure Virtual Pre-Employment Tests

Conduct Scalable and Cost-Effective Proctored Assessments With AI-Powered Tools

Online Assessment Platform

Robust And Scalable Platform To Deliver End-to-End Pre-employment Assessments

  • Curate A Customized Assessment
  • Schedule And Invite Multiple Candidates
  • Get Real-Time Results Within The Platform

Remote Proctoring Suite

Best-in-class Proctoring Technology To Ensure Cheating-Free Pre-employment Tests

  • AI-based Proctoring With 95% Cheating Detection
  • Human-based Proctoring For High-Stakes Exams
  • Browser Lockdown To Regulate Browsing Environment
  • Three-point Candidate Authentication

Assess The Powerful Features of Mercer | Mettl Platform and Proctoring On Your ATS

Conduct Seamless Assessments On All Major ATSs including Greenhouse through integration with Mercer Mettl

Invite Candidates For Assessments From the ATS
Conduct End-to-end Assessments On Mercer | Mettl Platform
Access in-depth Assessment Reports Directly Within the ATS
Enjoy Our Top-notch Data Security Features

We Are The World’s Largest Pre-employment Assessment Company



Across 80+ Countries

12 Million+

Assessments Annually

1,50,000+ Questions



Across 25+ Industries

We Have The Right Tools To Customize Assessments According To Your Organizational Needs

Choose from Hundreds of Technical Skills

Java Data Structures C++ C# Django DBMS Python jQuery AngularJS React Jenkins Algorithms Javascript

Choose from Hundreds of Psychometric Competencies

Logical Reasoning Critical Thinking Complex Problem Solving

Choose from Hundreds of Technical Skills

Sales Knowledge Communication Skills Customer Focus Work Management Understanding Customer Needs Negotiation Collaboration Networking

Choose from Hundreds of Psychometric Competencies

Self Confidence Accountability Resilience Self-awareness Drive for Result Proactiveness Ability to Establish Trust

Choose from Hundreds of Technical Skills

Usage of Digital Tools Delivery Skills Electricians Skills Plumbers Skills Inventory Clerk Skills Customer Focus

Choose from Hundreds of Psychometric Competencies

Sensitivity Opportunism

Enhance Your Talent Pool With Our Recruitment Solutions Equipped With Pre-Employment Tools

How Mercer | Mettl Assessments Can Help In the Talent Transformation of Your Company

Precisely Assess Candidate Skills

Leverage Scientifically Validated Assessments to Remove Human Biases & Judgments

Minimize Your Hiring Costs

Automated Processes Help You Get a Larger Pool of Screened Candidates to Choose From

Scale To Match Your Needs

Robust Platform to Assist Exceptional Organizational Growth. We have a Record of Conducting 200,000 Proctored Assessments in a day!

Our Customers Vouch For The Efficacy Of Our Product

  • Mercer | Mettl's platform and the science behind it are highly intuitive and systematic for the test-takers. Customized assessments, how data is aggregated, and how you can download insightful reports directly from the system - stood out for us from a process standpoint.

    Saranya Mukherjee

    Lead, Early Career Development Campus & Employer Branding

  • No hiring is being done today without the Mercer | Mettl assessments. And because of that, weve been able to attain the lowest attrition in the retail industry. Our attrition rate fell down from 55% to 20% and that is a great achievement

    Gautam Saraf

    Head HR - Colorbar Cosmetics, 24*7 Retail, Modicare Foundation

  • In Mercer | Mettl, we found a good combination of three core attributes that we sought in our talent assessment partnership. Its proctoring feature was brilliant, and a particular facet that stood out was the platforms flexibility in working for specific niche skill sets.

    Mahesh Calavai

    Chief Data & Analytics Officer, TVS Motor Group

  • Seventy-five percent of the candidates we hired for sales with Mercer | Mettl assessments were precisely the kind of people we sought, which further built trust, credibility and validation for Mercer | Mettl's assessments.

    Sonam Kapur Sinha

    Head HR, Modern Foods

  • Mercer | Mettl’s solutions brought various unprecedented insights into our technical hiring process. It was complemented by reduced friction and enhanced ease and agility. With one of the most advanced and extensive lists of questions and world-class customer service, there were no concerns about performance, scale and security during our acquisition streak.

    Shirish Awasthi

    Talent Acquisition, Coforge Ltd.

  • In the last four years, weve used Mercer | Mettl in multiple scenarios. The two things that set Mercer | Mettl apart from other products that weve used are - a robust technology backbone and the support from its content team. It always delivers on its promises.

    Jitendra Singh

    CTO, Talent Sprint

  • Mercer | Mettl offers a next-generation platform that empowers you to look beyond what is academically taught. We are extremely pleased with Mercer | Mettl. Its assessment platform has enabled us to tap into its vast database of questions for both aptitude and programming skills.

    Murali Bollu

    CEO, ZenQ

  • We had short timelines in which we had to scale up our workforce. From customized solutions, ease of usability, building an in-depth understanding of the client’s problem to seamless integration with our applicant tracking system, Mercer | Mettl’s assessments ticked all the checkboxes in our wishlist and delivered within our timelines. There is no better validation than what we have witnessed - our attrition has reduced by 50%.

    Arpan Anand

    CHRO, Aditya Infotech Limited (CP PLUS)


Why Mercer | Mettl Assessments Are The Best To Elevate Your HR Strategies

High Customization Levels

We Customize Everything as Per Your Requirement of Role, Languages, Complexity and Scale, Among Other Parameters

Impeccable Support

24*7 Customer Support With Best-in-class Turnaround Time With A Highly Trained Team

Evaluate On-Job Behavior

Our Scientifically Validated Assessments Help You Predict A Candidate’s On-Job Behavior Better Than Any Other Service Provider

Robust Data Security

Data encryption and Compliant with International Standards. Our Data is Hosted on the Most Secure Server - Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is pre employment assessment/screening?

A pre-employment assessment is a standardized approach to collect the necessary information about job applicants and crosschecking whether the information matches their hands-on skills to make hiring decisions.


What are the other advantages of pre-employment testing?

The other advantages of pre-employment testing include improving the quality of hires, enhancing recruitment efficiency, reduced turnaround time, making data-driven hiring decisions and providing development paths to new hires.


What are the different types of pre-employment assessment tests?

The different types of pre-employment assessment tests are personality tests, behavioral assessments, cognitive ability tests, coding tests, role-based tests, remote work assessments, high-potential identification, learning agility, language proficiency tests, background checks and drug tests.


Is pre-employment testing effective?

Pre-employment testing is significantly beneficial for human resource professionals as it allows them to make evidence-based hiring decisions. When used with psychometric, cognitive, technical and other screening tools, pre-employment testing reduces the turnaround time and enables organizations to shortlist top talent efficiently.


How do I prepare for a pre-employment test?

To prepare for a pre-employment test, click on the test link received via email. Keep your identity card ready. For authentication, the system will prompt you to take a picture that would be verified against your ID card. Once the invigilator approves your registration, click on the test link and follow the instructions to take the test.