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Lateral Hiring Made Easy - Save Time by Interviewing the Right People

Find the Best Talent Fit using our Lateral Recruitment Solution


Our Scientific Lateral Hiring Processes Zero-In On The Right Talent for You

Find the Right Culture Fit

Based on Skills, Behavior and Cognition

Save Time

Interview candidates who are deserving

Control Hiring Pipeline

Use our Real-time Dashboards

We understand that Your Requirements are Unique! Our Lateral Recruitment Solutions Are Tailored For You

Understand Client Requirements

Build Role Based Competency Frameworks

Assess Candidates

Make Data Backed Hiring Decisions

We have Over 10 years of Experience as Hiring Advisors Across Diverse Roles and Industries

We find the Best by Assessing Technical, Behavioral and Cognitive Skills

Choose from Hundreds of Technical Skills

Java Data Structures C++ C# Django DBMS Python jQuery AngularJS React Jenkins Algorithms Javascript

Choose from Hundreds of Psychometric Competencies

Logical Reasoning Critical Thinking Complex Problem Solving

Choose from Hundreds of Technical Skills

Sales Knowledge Communication Skills Customer Focus Work Management Understanding Customer Needs Negotiation Collaboration Networking

Choose from Hundreds of Psychometric Competencies

Self Confidence Accountability Resilience Self-awareness Drive for Result Proactiveness Ability to Establish Trust

Choose from Hundreds of Technical Skills

Usage of Digital Tools Delivery Skills Electricians Skills Plumbers Skills Inventory Clerk Skills Customer Focus

Choose from Hundreds of Psychometric Competencies

Sensitivity Opportunism

Our Suite of Tools Can Be Cuztomised to Hire the Right Talent

Have An Advanced Requirement To Assess Candidates in a Project-Based Coding Environment?

Explore Our Advanced Coding Assessment Platform

Why Mercer | Mettl Is the Best Bet for Your Organization

Holistic Evaluations

Better Talent measurement based on Behavioral, Cognitive and Technical Abilities

Customized to the Client’s Requirements

Tailored Solutions matching Organizational Objectives

Scalable Solutions

Robust platform to assist exceptional Organizational Growth

Quick Process

Ready to use library of questions for all job roles to boost your process

Impeccable Support

A support system that won’t let you down. We have your back anytime, anywhere.

Remote Proctoring Technology

AI-based proctoring tool to provide Convenient and Safe assessments

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