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What is Campus Engagement?

Campus engagement is a process where companies undertake specific activities to interact with students to familiarize them with their background, vision, culture and job openings. Campus engagement activities aim to build employer brand for which students aspire to work. It is a preliminary yet essential interface between the hiring organizations and students in the campus hiring process.


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Student Engagement Solution

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Coding Hackathons

Assess innovation and problem solving

Case Study Competitions

Assess business acumen and problem-solving

Innovative Ideathons

Brainstorm with the best minds to find fresh ideas

Reinvent Student Engagement With Your Future Workforce

Create A Strong Employer Brand

Provide a seamless candidate experience to create strong brand recall

Attract The Best Talent

Attract the best minds out there, roll-out job offers and seek freelancers

Solve Real World Problems

Find out creative ways to solve problems and get a fresh perspective


Colleges Covered


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States Covered In India

How We Conducted One Of The Biggest Online Hackathons For Women Coders

Heres the impact of large-scale women-centric hackathons we conducted and invited women coders to solve real-world problems


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Skills Assessed


States Covered

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Conduct Hackathons With 4 Easy Steps


Create ideas that resonate with students and your business

Identify Your Goal - Brainstorm to define the objective and theme of your hackathon

Design Hackathon - Define the process flow



Effortlessly organize your custom hackathon on our platform

Create Event - Specify the timelines, list the venue, display prize details etc.

Define Multiple Stages - Define multiple rounds of assessments and add challenges



Engage with your target audience

Team Creation - Students can create teams, add and delete members

Submission - Students can make submissions for multiple rounds by uploading files



Assess any skill you want using our custom assessments

Track Submissions - Judges can track the team status explicitly

Assess & Grade - Judges can effortlessly download, assess and grade submissions

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Expert Consultation

We help you set-up and guide you throughout the process

24*7 Customer Support

We provide a quick resolution to all kinds of client issues

Rich Question Bank

We offer a wide range of question bank for Coding and Case study Simulators