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India's largest SaaS based Enrolment Automation Platform catering to the biggest academic institutions

Today, about 80% of the institutions in the country are either offline or are boxed in with multiple solutions that result in a scattered approach to managing the most important task on their list; the admissions. This is where NoPaperForms comes in. With path-breaking technological advancements and a class apart servicing team, NoPaperForms is revolutionizing the way institutions Attract, Engage, and Enrol students.

NoPaperForms offers a "Comprehensive Suite of Products" for educational institutions to manage the entire admission cycle on a single unified platform, from enquiry to enrolment:

Education CRM: Centralize all your data across sources on a unified platform with the most advanced CRM built specifically for the Education Industry

  • Application Automation Platform: Transform your application process with advanced, feature rich, smart, intuitive, and responsive forms, coupled with real time predictive analytics.
  • Post Application Automation Platform: From GD/PI management to offer letters, exams, token fees until enrolment, seamlessly manage your Post Application Processes (PS: it is virtual too!)
  • Niaa (AI Chabot): NoPaperForms' Integrated Admissions Assistant - Advanced AI and Machine Learning driven chatbot for your admissions
  • Extensions: Integrate your favorite platforms directly into NoPaperForms for a more unified experience. Plug and Play Solutions available for lead gen sites, cloud telephony services, exam vendors, remarketing platforms, and more
  • Mobile App: Specifically engineered for ease, agility, and performance, the NoPaperForms Mobile App is your admissions on the move.

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