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Mettl ProctorPLUS: How It Works?


Three Ways to Use Mettl ProctorPLUS

Mettl Proctorplus provides you REST APIs that can be integrated into any web-based examination solution in no time. It also comes pre-integrated with most of the popular Learning Management Systems such as Canvas. Alternately if you use Mettl examination platform, ProctorPLUS comes integrated with it.


Platform Integration

Use Mettl Examination platform with integrated proctoring feature


API Integration

Use pre-integrated ProctorPLUS on popular LMS such as Canvas


LMS Integration

Use pre-integrated ProctorPLUS on popular LMS such as Canvas

Getting Started with Mettl ProctorPlus

STEP 1: Configure Proctoring Settings

a) Select Proctoring Mode

There are three modes of proctoring available on Mettl ProctorPLUS:


AI algorithm trained on diverse cheating scenarios proctors the session


In-house experts proctor the exam session assisted by AI algorithm


Trained proctors review the recorded exam sessions to validate the auto proctoring report.


AI algorithm is enabled for any mode of proctoring.
To enable live proctoring or record & review proctoring over and above AI based proctoring drop us a mail at

b) Choose the Types of Incidents You Want to Flag

Mettl’s AI-based remote proctoring technology generates a variety of flags during an exam session to catch any suspicious behaviour on behalf of the candidate. The choices of flags available are as follows,


Candidate not present


Additional person present


Suspicious candidate activities


Mobile phone detected

Based on different flags that our AI algorithm generates during an exam session a credibility index is generated. Credibility Index is a single score that predicts the integrity of the candidate while taking the test.

c) Switch on candidate screen recording

d) Choose candidate authentication parameters from registration details

e) Select Mettl Secure Browser for additional security

Mettl Secure Browser enables you to host a test in a safe environment where you predefine the apps and websites that are allowed, and the system automatically shuts down any other app or website that runs on the system.

  • Background Softwares

  • Screen Recording

  • Screen Sharing

  • Allow relevant softwares

  • Allow Formula Books

We customize the browser setting as per your need. This flexibility enables you to host open-book exams. All you have to do is, drop us a mail on what software/webpages you want to whitelist and we will have it configured for your account for each test link.

STEP 2: Candidate Authentication

You can choose to switch on candidate authentication while configuring exam proctoring settings.

As soon as the candidate clicks on the test link, she is asked to

  • Enter registration details (fields are customizable)

  • Click picture of yourself

  • Click picture of ID proof

Our proctors, available 24x7, verify the photo ID against registration details and if the candidate is legitimate.

candidate authentication

STEP 3: Proctoring Through the Exam Session


Auto-proctoring is solely based on an AI algorithm that continuously monitors the live webcam feed. Based on learning from thousands of images, the algorithm raises multiple types of suspicion flags. The algorithm uses the following technologies to identify different flags.

  • Facial recognition

  • Face detection

  • Device detection

  • Body detection

Based on different flags raised, the algorithm then calculates the Credibility Index to predict the probability of cheating, which is available in the report.


Live Proctoring

A human proctor continuously monitors the live webcam feed and screen recording. He can monitor multiple candidates depending on the proctor to student ratio configured. Assisted by the AI algorithm running in the background Live proctoring is much more efficient in spotting cheating scenarios and therefore suitable for high stake tests. Live proctors can be empowered with the following functionalities to prevent cheating as it happens:

  • Pause the test

  • Chat with the candidate

  • End the test

Any proctor activity is recorded and available in the reports and are also taken as a factor in Credibility Index.

live proctoring

Record & Review Proctoring

In Record & Review proctoring the exam session is conducted just like auto-proctoring with AI algorithm monitoring the entire session. Once the session is over, our expert proctors then audit the reports to :

  • Validate the AI flags and understand the severity of each flag

  • Weed out other suspicious cases that may have been missed by AI algorithm, if any.

Proctors present a consolidated report highlighting the test sessions where integrity has been compromised.


STEP 4: Review Report

A common proctoring report is generated irrespective of the kind of proctoring mode selected. The report is available in .pdf format and .html format.

There are five main sections to the report:

  • Credibility Index: A single score to predict the test integrity

  • Candidate Authentication Details: To prevent impersonation

  • Candidate webcam feed: To audit exam session for any suspicious candidate activity

  • Candidate Screen Recording: To check for any suspicious screen activity

  • Flags with Timelines: Quick access to AI flags and proctor activities for easy audits

Based on different flags raised, the algorithm then calculates the Credibility Index to predict the probability of cheating, which is available in the report.